Event Details

New for 2019:

  • Double Metric 200K (125 miles with ~7,500 ft. vertical gain) option added.
  • Lowland (196 miles with ~10,500 ft. vertical gain) option added. This option is eligible for California Triple Crown (CTC) ride credit.
  • Catered pre-ride dinner on Friday 9/6/19 at Salinas Valley Fairgrounds.

Ride Time and Location:

  • Saturday, September 7th, 2019 4:00 AM – 6:00 AM to Sunday, September 8th, 2019 12:00 AM (PDT)
  • Salinas Valley Fairgrounds
    625 Division Street, King City, CA 93930



We will have the original CVD loop course for 2019 (CVD Highland) (same course as in 2018): Route Map Click Here.

The course starts and ends at the Salinas Valley Fairgrounds in King City. In the morning, riders will ride north toward Greenfield climbing Cahoon Summit to Carmel Valley through the famous golden hills of California and through some of the richest agricultural areas in America. From Carmel Valley, the course continues northwest toward the world-renowned Carmel-by-the-Sea, then heads south on the beautiful rugged stretch of California coastline, State Route 1. To the east, the Santa Lucia Mountains provide a breathtaking border, and to the west, there is nothing but steep cliffs, hidden beach coves, and ocean as far as the eye can see. Point of interests are Rocky Creek Bridge, Bixby Creek Bridge, and Grimes Point Scenic Overlook. Lunch will be served in Big Sur at the Big Sur Deli at Mile 95.

After lunch riders will continue heading south on State Route 1 toward Lucia, then will climb the famous Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, the only road across the Santa Lucia Range, connecting State Route 1 and the Big Sur coast to U.S. Route 101 and the Salinas Valley. The road heads east from the Pacific Ocean into the high country of Big Sur; after 7 mile scenic ascend it reaches the summit at an altitude of 2,780 feet. The road descends through the heavily forested eastern side of the ridge, passes through the U.S. Army’s Fort Hunter Liggett, and ends at Mission Road in Jolon. Riders will then continue east onto Jolon Road toward a 20 mile out-and-back ‘Lockwood-Hesperia-Lockwood’ segment before heading north to finish in King City. Total mileage will be 201 miles with ~14,000 ft. of elevation gain.

The route is tentative pending final permit approval from the counties. Feel free to upload this route to your navigation device with the caveat that road or weather conditions may force us to change the route at the last minute. You will receive the official cue sheet in your rider packet.

The Lowland Option has two out-and-back legs with lunch at Salinas Valley Fairgrounds.

  • Leg 1 (125 miles with ~7,500 ft. vertical gain): King City – Carmel – King City, climbing both sides of Cahoon Summit.
  • Leg 2 (71 miles with ~3,000 ft. vertical gain): King City – Hesperia Hall – King City.

The Double Metric 200K Option is Leg 1 the Lowland: King City – Carmel – King City climbing both sides of Cahoon Summit.

Registration & Check-in:

Online Registration is open. It will be closed once we have received 200 entries, or at 12:00 noon on Monday, September the 2nd, whichever occurs first. See who’s registered.

Double Century: $120/person – Fully supported ride including 7 rest stops, 2 water stops, plenty of GREAT FOOD at every stop, plus a delicious catered hot meal at the end of your ride.

Double Metric Century (200K): $90/person – Fully supported ride including 4 rest stops, 2 water stops, plenty of GREAT FOOD at every stop, plus a delicious catered hot meal at the end of your ride.

Pre-ride dinner on Friday: $15/person (vegetarian dishes available, please RSVP at registration).

Tent camping on Friday/Saturday: $25/site/night (campground with hot showers and flush toilets, please book at registration).

Pre-ride check-in at Salinas Valley Fairgrounds, 625 Division Street, King City, CA 93930:
Friday, September 6th, 2019 evening from 18:00 to 21:00
Saturday, September 7th, 2019 morning from 03:30 – 05:30

The Carmel Valley Double (CVD) is a private event for XeDapViet Cycling Club members Only. Registration fee includes membership in the XeDapViet Cycling Club through December 31st, 2019.

Time Limit:

The time limit will be 20 Hours. The event has an open start window from 04:00 to 06:00. All riders MUST be on the course by 06:00. Riders have until midnight to complete (with intermediate cut-off times at rest stops that correlate to a midnight finish).

This is an endurance ride, not a race, not a timed event. Ride your bike with friends, take in the scenery. Just finish!


  • Obey all California Vehicle Code rules.
  • Helmets are mandatory.
  • Light Requirements: The Carmel Valley Double has open start window from 04:00 to 06:00 in the dark and could, depending on your speed, potentially end in the dark. Working lights are mandatory for the start of the Carmel Valley Double Century – NO EXCEPTIONS. Reflective ankle bands and reflective vest are also required before sunrise and after sunset.
  • Sunrise is at 06:40 and sunset is at 19:50 on Saturday, September 7th, 2019.
  • All riders who abandon the event must call the Ride Director’s number located on the bottom of the route sheet.
  • All riders must check in with volunteers at each rest stop or be disqualified.
  • Personal SAG vehicles are not allowed. Any rider with private SAG will be disqualified and will lose California Triple Crown credit. We do, however, welcome Volunteers.
  • All riders and volunteers must sign the release form that will be available at check-in, or they will not be allowed to participate.


  • Carmel Valley Double (CVD) volunteer policy: If you (or a family member) contribute on the day of the ride, or help significantly just before or after the ride, then you or they may ride for half price on ride day, or join us at no charge at our fully supported Workers Ride.
  • The Workers Ride is a fully supported ride of the entire course, and counts as a double for purposes of the California Triple Crown. To qualify, you must work a minimum of one four-hour shift at one of the CVD rest stops on ride day.
  • Workers Ride date: Saturday, September 21st, 2019.
  • Please register for the Workers Ride via email ‘agatsu@gmail.com’.
  • Please use the following California Triple Crown URL to register to volunteer for CVD.


  • The Carmel Valley Double is fully supported. Ride support includes 7 full rest stops and 2 water stops, all stocked with signature cycling food / beverages and plenty of options for vegetarians. Lunch will be served at Rest Stop #4 in Big Sur (Mile 95). There will be a catered dinner at the finish (Mile 201).
  • Full SAG support along the entire course.
  • Rest stops’ open and close times are based on 04:00 start. Faster riders who can finish the course in less than 17 hours are asked to start between 05:00 to 06:00 so our volunteers at rest stops can serve you better.
  • Special thanks to everyone who makes this ride possible. This ride would not exist but for the support of countless individuals and their families.

California Triple Crown (CTC)

Here is the link to CVD results history courtesy of Charlie Irwin – the CTC Data Guy, who compiled, organized, and sorted these data. Big thanks go out as well to Chuck Bramwell, the CTC Executive Director, for providing and sharing these valuable data to us.

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